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Bokanté + Metropole Orkest

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What Heat

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Real World


World / Fusion


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Bokanté + Metropole Orkest (Conducted by Jules Buckley)
All the Way Home
Fanm (The Woman)
Lé An Gadé-w En Zyé (When I Look in Your Eyes)
Réparasyons (Reparations)
Bòd Lanmé Pa Lwen (The Beach is Not Far)
Don’t Do It
Chambre à Échos (Echo Chamber)
Maison En Feu (House on Fire)
Liner notes
What Heat.
This heat: Bokanté and the Metropole Orkest, together. Two internationally acclaimed outfits made up of players at the top of their games. Music doesn’t get any hotter, or more accomplished, than this.
Bokanté: the fresh new super group founded by musician and composer Michael League, he of Grammy-winning, Texan-bred, New York-based instrumental jazz collective, Snarky Puppy. A super group of players from five countries and four continents, different genders, races and generations working in harmony, celebrating individuality. A band whose members are united in the belief that music should be a voice for the voiceless, a force for change against a rising tide of exclusion and indifference in a world that is, well, reaching boiling point.
The Metropole Orkest: that multiple Grammy-winning hybrid ensemble, part jazz big band, part symphony orchestra, helmed by feted English conductor, composerand musician, Jules Buckley, and based in the Netherlands. A specialist in all styles, with a deep understanding of music, the Metropole is at ease playing jazz and pop, traditional music and film scores and has collaborated with legends from Ella Fitzgerald to Gregory Porter and of course, Snarky Puppy, along with a veritable constellation of rising stars.
Teamed with an outfit like Bokanté —which means ‘exchange’ in Guadeloupian Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien’s childhood island— the possibilities seemed endless.

Malika Tirolien vocals; Michael League oud, cümbüs, fretless acoustic bass, electric bass, Minimoog, 12-string acoustic guitar, daf, sumbati, dayera, bendir, riq, tambourine, hand claps, vocals; Bob Lanzetti 6-string acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, baritone acoustic guitar, vocals; Chris McQueen 6-string acoustic guitar, baritone acoustic guitar, vocals; Roosevelt Collier dobro, vocals; André Ferrari concert bass drum, bass drum, frame drum, dayera, goat nails, cymbals, grouse pipe, matchbox, hand claps, tamborim, katak bells, pandeiro, antique chains, crotals, wooden Japanese bicycle bell, shekere piccolino; Jamey Haddad hadjini, hadjira, djembe, darbuka, shaker, riq, ocean drum, daf, frame drum, hand claps; Keita Ogawa mushroom drum, ceramic vase, talking drum, bendir, daf, cowbells, the thing, shakers, bells, pandeiro, bass pandeiro, hand claps; Weedie Braimah djembe, vocals.

Metropole Orkest, Conducted by Jules Buckley
1st violin Arlia de Ruiter, Vera Laporeva, Sarah Koch, Denis Koenders, Pauline Terlouw, David Peijnenborgh, Christina Knoll, Casper Donker; 2nd violin Herman van Haaren, Wim Kok, Jasper van Rosmalen, Ruben Margarita, Robert Baba, Ewa Zbyszynska, Merel Jonker; viola Norman Jansen, Mieke Honingh, Julia Jowett, Iris Schut, Isabella Petersen/Wouter Huizinga; cello Emile Visser, Maarten Jansen, Annie Tangberg, Jascha Albracht; double bass Erik Winkelmann, Arend Liefkes, Tjerk de Vos; flute Mariël van den Bos / Janneke Groesz, Janine Abbas; saxophone/clarinet Marc Scholten, Paul van der Feen / David Kweksilber, Leo Janssen, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Max Boeree / Nils van Haften; horn Pieter Hunfeld, Felix Peijnenborgh, Lies Molenaar / René Pagen; tromboneJan Oosting, Martijn Sohier, Jan Bastiani; bass trombone Martin van den Berg; orchestral percussionEddy Koopman, Murk Jiskoot.
Produced by Michael League.
Engineered by Nic Hard at Dreamland Recording in West Hurley, New York, and Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Electric bass engineered by Diko Shoturma at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Acoustic bass engineered by Onür Ozçelik at Kalan Studios in Istanbul, Turkey. Mixed by Nic Hard and Michael League at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Mix assisted by Denis Rens and Ken Helmlinger. Mastered by Dave McNair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Orchestra arranged and orchestrated by Michael League and Jules Buckley. ‘Réparasyons’, ‘Don’t Do It’, and ‘Chambre à Échos’ arranged and orchestrated by Michael League and Stefan Behrisch. Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley. Orchestra artistic production by Robert Soomer. Metropole Orkest recorded by Paul Pouwer and Nic Hard at Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Studio 5, in Hilversum, the Netherlands on 6-8 January 2018.






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