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Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars

Release Titel:

Carnival Conspiracy

Release Date:



Piranha Records


World / Klezmer / Brass/ USA


Press Release / Description:
Of all the recordings made by Frank London’s Klezmer Allstars this is the third! Frank London spills the beans and comes clean for a celebration of Carnival, which is a celebration in itself and, as he says, no laughing matter. It’s a serious business as he cunningly connives to co-opt over 40 musicians from 8 countries on 4 continents for the ultimate Jewish conspiracy. This original PIRANHA release is a musical travelogue, from frenzied Hasidic pop to sensual Brazilian-Mexican-Yiddish songs of love and angst. Take a deep breath, shake your tuchiss and blow your mind. (source:

1. In Your Garden Twenty Fecund Fruit Trees (Featuring Marjana Sadowska)
2. Oh Agony, You Are So Sweet Like Sugar I Must To Eat You Up (Featuring Lorin Sklamberg)
3. Another Glass Of Wine To Give Succor To My Ailing Existence (Featuring Curtis Hasselbring)
4. Midnight Banda Judía (Featuring Michael Alpert)
5. In The Marketplace All Is Subterfuge (Podolye, Podolye)
6. Who Knows One? (Featuring Sarah Mina Gordon)
7. Pantagruel, Shiker Hindert Prozent (Featuring Maracatú New York, Scott Kettner)
8. A Time Of Desire (Curha Mix) (Featuring Col Isha)
9. Our Ancestors Forty Thousand Years Wide (Featuring German Goldenshtayn)
10. Out Of What? (Featuring Aaron Alexander, Maracatú New York, Scott Kettner)
11. Mi Yamalay (Featuring Col Isha, Danny Blume)
12. Borracho #1 The Cobbles In The Street Moan For You


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