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La Fanfarria Del Capitan

Release Titel:

La Giravida

Release Date:



Rock Y Reggae Ediciones S.A.


World / Balkan / Latin


Press Release / Description:
La Giravida” (2016), produced by Diego Blanco (Los Pericos) and Jerónimo Cassagne. It is a two year project with more than 40 guest musicians from Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and Argentina; That counts on the stellar participation of the Orkestar Kocani, where we travel specially to record to its studies in Macedonia. It is composed of 12 tracks that cover the variety of styles ranging from the most festive balkan to traditional cumbias and deep ballads.


1. Via Nacionale
2. Nadie Te Quiso
3. La Palloza
4. Bella Ciao
5. María
6. Yayegue
7. Chacarita
8. La Marcheta
9. Great Greek Show
10. San Pancho
11. Vladivostok
12. La Flor Y El Libro





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