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Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma

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World / Greece


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 LUNAR (double CD) Ever since the most ancient times, the moon has always been a source of fascination, but equally of apprehension for all peoples of all civilisations. The fact that it is the largest luminous body in the dark night sky gives it a special place in the firmament both as the harbinger of the coming dawn but also as an object of mystery of a somewhat ominous nature. Perhaps this is because the light of the moon is reflected light, light whose source is elsewhere where we are unable to see. In this sense it resembles music itself which becomes manifest in the world through us, although it does not originate in us. All music pre-exists in a non-manifest realm of possibility and it is only through our perception of these possibilities that it comes to realisation in the world as we know it. This process is in many ways reminiscent of that of reflected light. Only if we can serve as a clear surface on which it can “shine” can we hope to be worthy servants of the grand art of music, thus reflecting its true luminescence and clarity. Ross Daly Archanes, October 2017 Our profound thanks to Saam Schlamminger, Zohar Fresco, and Marijia Katsouna, who so skillfully and tastefully accompanied us on percussion on these recordings. We are also most grateful to Vangelis Apostolou and Efrén Lόpez for their technical support in the recording and mixing of this project, as well as to Vasiliki Pantelaki for her artwork.

01. Lunar
02. Nishakara (The Night Maker)
03. Mahzarin (Golden Moon)
04. Anigma
05. Hecate
06. Kontylies of Messara
07. Mirza
08. Altan (Red Dawn)
09. Chandrakala (Moon Beam)
10. Aylin (Moon Halo)
11. Dilkeside Saz Semai
12. Coban
13. Mehrangarh





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