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ML 0695


Savina Yannatou

Release Titel:

Rosa Das Rosas

Release Date:



Lyra / Musurgia Graece


World / Mediterranean / Greece / Fusion / Jazz


Press Release / Description:
Most pieces comprised in the present CD were composed in 1989 and 1990 exclusively for "G's Musical Workshop", a radio programme produced by Michalis Gregoroiu for Greek Radio Three, which unfortunately , ceased to broadcast in 1994. This radio progamme offered the oppurtunity to composers and musicians alike to experiment with music, in front of or with no audience at all in the studio, composing musical pieces in two days time only. Those pieces of mine we re-recorderd and completed so that they could be released through the present CD ten years after their initial composition. I set to music lyrics and notes by my sister Sophia Yannatou (apart from the "Black Moons"). I also made use of two melodies dating back to the middle ages and the Renaissance, namely "Rosa Das Rosas" and "A los banos dell amor" and deemed appropriate to retain the original orchestration in all tracks, since any sort of alteration would seem to upset the inner balance of the present release. (Savina Yannatou - Booklet Rosa Das Rosas)

01. Like love

02. A los banos dell amor

03. Along the edge of his loves

04. Into his past (orchestral)

05. Like love or light

06. The miracles

07. Two faced moon

08. A hint of moon

09. Rosa das rosas

10. Wet roses

11. Black moons





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