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Ross Daly, Εvgenia Damavoliti-Toli

Release Titel:

Osi Hara ‘houn Ta Poulia

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World / Greece / Ethno


Press Release / Description:

ROSS DALY EVGENIA DAMAVOLITI-TOLI “OSI HARA ‘HOUN TA POULIA" Εvgenia Damavoliti-Toli is one of those very rare singers who sings not just with her voice but with her whole being, without keeping any distance from her material, but while also maintaining a uniquely balanced expressional integrity free of any excess and unnecessary mannerisms. This aspect of her singing is typical of all of the great "classical" singers of the Cretan tradition, and it is exactly that which gives her such a completely natural sound which results in her truly owning her repertoire. She herself chose all of the lyrics in this collection, a fact which reveals her ability to discover and reveal each melody creatively through the medium of the verse of some of Crete's finest contemporary poets as well as through the rhyming couplets of the great Cretan bard of the latter half of the16th century Vitsentzos Kornaros. My deepest thanks go to all who participated in this recording, I enjoyed enormously every moment of our work together. Ross Daly Archanes 2016




1. Osi Hara ‘Houn Ta Poulia
2. Nyhta M'Aresei
3. Erotokritos - Description
4. Erotokritos - Aretousa’S Lament
5. Hrone Ziliari Ts'Andreias
6. Ta Ftera
7. O Dystyhis
8. Hairou Kardia
9. Tou Fthinoporou Ta Nera
10. Topos Kryfos



Bendir – Marijia Katsouna
Lute – Adonis Xylouris, Giorgis Stavrakakis
Lyre – Kelly Thoma
Lyre, Lute – Ross Daly
Voice – Evgenia Damavoliti-Toli





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