savina yannatou primavera en salonico Cat. Nr.

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Savina Yannatou

Release Titel:

Primavera En Salonico (Spring In Salonika)

Release Date:



Lyra, Greece


World / Ethno / Sephardic / Ladino / Greece

“When I was in London, the musicians I knew were improvising a lot, making up their own music. I became interested in that approach and my intention was to improvise more and more, to move in a direction of free music. Then someone at my record company asked me if I would do an album of Sephardic songs from Thessalonica (a region of Greece). It happened that I knew some of the songs, and liked them, so I was happy to do it.”

The backing band on Anoixi Sti Saloniki included the men who would become Primavera en Salonico, the Ladino (the dialect of the Sephardic Jews) translation of Anoixi Sti Saloniki (Spring in Salonica.) “When we did this album, I didn’t feel it was a turning point. We never thought the audience in Greece would like this record because it was in a foreign language. When the radio started playing it and people liked it, it was a big surprise.” (source:

01. La cantiga del fuego (The song of fire)
02. El sueno de la hij a del rey (The gentle lady's dream)
03. Los bilbilicos (The nightingales)
04. Morenica (Little dark one)
05. Tres hermanicas eran (There were three sisters)
06. Morena (Little dark one)
07. Yedi Kule
08. Una matica de ruda (A branch of rue...)
09. Por que lloras, blanca nina (Why are you crying, my fair one)
10. Alta es la luna (High is the moon)
11. Nani nani (Rocka-bye)
12. Jaco
13. Ya salio de la mar la galena (The gentle lady came out of the sea)
14. El encalador (The whitewasher)
15. Durme, hermoso hijico (Sleep, sweet darling son)
16. Primavera en Salonico (Spring in Salonica)




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