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Bustan Abraham

Release Titel:

Hamsa Aona

Release Date:



Nada Productios, Haifa/Israel


World / Ethno / Jazz / Jewish / Arabic / Oriental / Israel




Press Release / Description:
Bustan Abraham continues, in its unique way to create original instrumental music that combines different musical cultures from both East and West. Hamsa is their fifth album and it faithfully reflects the development of the group and its members during the nine years of its existence. Since their first meeting in 1991, the members of Bustan Abraham have travelled an artistic path wich has enriched their ability as composers, arrangers and performers, Alongside the development of their successful personal careers, they continue to draw upon their individual experiences and musical personalities to nourish and refine these collaborations.
Hamsa is yet another result of the opennes to explore all the different directions represented by each one of the members in the group, the close relationship that resulted from years of rehearsing, recording and performing together all over the world: and their shared aspiration to continue to create quality music. (source: booklet)


1. Mabruk
2. Shazeef
3. Hamsin
4. Hamsa
5. In The House Of Maimonides
6. Igrig
7. Dub Dulab
8. Nedunya
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