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Tale Yad

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World / Mediterranean / Middle-Eastern / Fusion / Jazz


Press Release / Description:
This project is the outcome of the collaboration of French, Iranian and Greek musicians, inspired by these countries' musical traditions. Oneira gathers together six musicians with a long experience in various types of music, such as jazz, classical, and traditional music. They create a musical bridge between their cultures, in an attempt to explore the common features of the Mediterranean music.
From Marseille, Paris, Athens and Thessaloniki, formed with Bijan Chemirani on percussion, Kevin Seddiki on the guitar, Maryam Chemirani and Maria Somoglou singing, Harris Lambrakis on th ney, and Pierlau Bertolino on the electroacoustic hurdy-gurdy, this group creates a musical bridge with a hint of sensual melancholy, fusing the different cultures of its musicians. It will give you the chance to explore the common features of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern music styles. (source:
Two years after their first collection of musical dreams, Si la Mar, in which they sounded the poetic depths of the sea, Oneira look this time to the heavens with Tâle Yâd (Persian: Memories of Stars); they continue to exchange, compare and combine the poetry and traditions of Greece, Persia and Occitania. With great freedom and ease, they invent a world that lies at the confluence of several different cultures. (Benjamin MiNiMuM / source:
Maria Simoglou - Vocals
Maryam Chemirani - Vocals
Kevin Seddiki - Guitare
Bijan Chemirani - Art direction and Percussion
Harris Lambrakis - Ney
Pierre Laurent Bertolino - Hurdy-gurdy
1. Ferdows Dami
2. Apopse Ta Mesanyhta
3. On Se Tend
4. Sorcière
5. Râh
6. La Bourdique
7. Hassan - Chabi Majnoun
8. 21
9. Filoi Mou Sa Tha Vriskeste
10. Negar
11. Mou'Pe Mia Magissa
12. Sanamâ
13. Brumes
14. To Fileman
15a. Dins Leis Auras
15b. Deep Blue


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