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Global Music Network 'Best Of 2018 World Music Charts'


01. Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma – Lunar (Labyrinth)

02. Efrén López, Stelios Petrakis, Bijan Chemirani – Taos (Buda Musique)

03. Loxandra Ensemble - In Transition (Dalit-Music)

04. Gabacho Maroc – Tawassol (10h10 / Cristal)

05. Ssewa Ssewa & Giovanni - Tuwaye (Janzi)

06. Yiddish Glory – The Lost Songs of World War II (Six Degrees)

07. Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Söndörgő – Szikra (Vetnasj)

08. Monsieur Doumani – Angathin (Monsieur Doumani)

09. Anouar Brahem – Blue Maqams (ECM)

10. Mehmet Polat – Ageless Garden (Aftab)



The Global Music Network 'Best Of 2018 World Music Charts' will be released for the first time just in time for the end of the year. The Top 10 is led by Lunar, the silent and wonderful work of Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma. Other top-class releases from 2018, such as the album Tawasol by Gabacho Maroc as well as the hardly noticed album Tuwaye by the Ugandan musicians Ssewa Ssewa & Giovanni can be found in the compilation. In the video gallery you can get an impression of all 10 albums of the Global Music Network 'Best Of 2018 World Music Charts'. Have fun discovering the albums and Happy New Year!























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