vedan kolod

Vedan Kolod is an ethnic band from Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Russia. The band was formed in 2005 and is made up of the musicians Tatyana Naryshkina, Daryana Antipova and Valery Naryshkin. The three all come from the same family and started making music at a very early age with their grandparents.

Their repertoire includes traditional songs of Siberia and Western Russia. Vedan Kolod have made it their mission to revive this region’s musical culture from ancient and medieval times, and make it available to interested audiences. The songs are performed by the band in Old Russian and Old Slavic languages and include folk songs, myths and legends as well as their own compositions.

To make their music, Vedan Kolod use a variety of ancient Russian folk instruments that have almost been forgotten, such as the gusli, ocarina, various drums, war horn, scharkuncy and others. The instruments were restored or reconstructed by Valery Naryshkin.

In 2005 Vedan Kolod won the Best Russian Folk Music Group prize at the world music festival "Ustuu-Huree" in Tuva.

The band has performed at a wide variety of locations including folk music, world music and medieval festivals; bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, and harmonica festivals; open air events and on theatre stages, as well as at a number of street festivals. Vedano Kolod have given more than 300 concerts in Russia alone and have played in other countries such as Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Czechia, the Ukraine, France and Hungary.

Vedan Kolod have brought out several albums, some of which, unfortunately, were released only in Russia and only in very limited editions.


Tatyana Naryshkina - vocals, flutes, Slavic drums, ocarina, fujara, Jew’s harp and others

Valery Naryshkin - vocals, gusli, war horn, ocarina, Slavic drums, Jew’s harp, zhaleika, Slavic bagpipes, fujara, gudok and others

Daryana Antipova – vocals, large and small Slavic drums, fujara, scharkuncy




Text: Robert Lippuner / Global Music Network

Translation: Jamie Davies





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