Grippy Cover Cat. Nr.



Monsieur Doumani

Release Titel:

Grippy Grappa

Release Date:



Monsieur Doumani


World / Rembetiko / Fusion / Cyprus


Press Release / Description:

Grippy Grappa is the title of Monsieur Doumani’s debut album, an album that has gained them a nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ group in the acclaimed Songlines Music Awards 2014. The album Grippy Grappa has received excellent reviews from international media such as the British newspaper The Guardian, the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles and the music magazine fRoots. The album was amongst the Top of the World Albums according to the 95th issue of Songlines magazine and it reached no.12 in World Music Network’s August charts. In addition, the video clip of one of the album's songs called 'Out-of-touch guy' reached no.4 on World Music Network's November video charts. The album was also presented by radio stations worldwide such as BBC, Radio France, Sveriges Radio, RootsWorld Radio, PBS 106.7FM Melbourne, KDVS California and more.

Grippy Grappa was produced in Nicosia, Cyprus and comprises of 11 rearrangements of traditional Cypriot songs plus 3 original compositions. The album’s cover is the work of the well-known Cypriot artist, Hambis Tsangaris from his book Spanos and the 40 Dragons. His son Giorgos Tsangaris has adapted the work with colour. The design of the album’s layout is the work of Lara Alphas.



01. Ο Δασονόμος / The Forest Ranger 3:08
02. Τυλληρκώτισσα / Woman From Tylliria 4:15
03. Συρτός Μαυρομμάτης / Syrtos Mavrommatis 4:19
04. Ο Αχάπαρος / Out-of-touch Guy 4:07
05. Έσυρα Το Μήλον / I Tossed An Apple 2:55
06. Το Σύστημαν / The System 6:45
07. Κοφτό Ζεϊμπέκικο / Kofto Zeibekiko 3:59
08. Η Μουζουρού Του Μόρφου / Dark Beauty From Morfou 3:36
09. Παιάκιν Μυρωάτον / Young Upwardly-mobile Professional 4:24
10. Η Βράκα / My Baggy Trousers 3:13
11. Κυπριακή Σούστα / Cypriot Sousta 4:19
12. Τσιάκκαρα Μάκκαρα / Tsiakkara Makkara 3:54
13. Γαμήλιον Εμβατήριο / Wedding Procession Song 12:14





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